COFFTEE, International brand in beverage industry,which is discovered by the world's brilliant team. Through knowledge and experience makes it most presgious brand. State of all facilities. Unique feature to associate with COFFTEE is you can boost up the local taste along with standard formula which is an easy process. COFFTEE is aiming to generate 10Lakh+ employment opportunies along with 1Lakh+ franchisees across India.

COFFTEE it's special because it offer overall hygiene , quality control, customer orientation and pleasant collection of menu.

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Welcome to Cofftee family, we are happy to see you on this International platform with us, cofftee is a unique brand which has a secret formula and magic mixture of India's most favourite beverages Tea and coffee which appeals to everyone's taste buds and create a memorable experience, you will enjoy every sip of it, being one such family we are here to help , guide and give you support throughout this journey, we have so many future plans which ultimately boost your business in long term , also we have huge brand awareness through many mediums such as digital marketing, print media , TV ads commercials and many more. Our premium tea powder KING TEA is also one of the best quality tea mixture in the industry. By joining us as a family all your business problems and obstacles will be eliminated with best solutions.So leave your worries behind about the business and for profitable long term business join us today.
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